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Reach your Goals

26 Mar 2020

and hope does not put us to shame,
because God's love has been poured into our hearts…

Romans 5,5

To be a believer doesn't only mean to believe that God exists and to believe that one day you might go to heaven. Our faith lifts us far above the rest of this world and grants us access to the greatest and most wonderful promises of God. 

Your faith-life didn't stop once you confessed Jesus as your Lord and savior. It was the beginning of a life that truly is “heaven on earth”.
You need to use your faith, because only by faith can you access all the promises that were given to you in Gods word!

So if you have a hope for your future, a vision or a goal, that you found in Gods word, then it's your faith that will get you to that goal. It doesn't matter if your hope/your goal (your hope should never be something vague) is to be healed, to live in the wealth and abundance of God or to receive peace for your family, because all those and many more are promised to you in Gods word and as believer you can claim them for your life.

Galatians 5,6 says that faith only works by love and only if you decide to ALWAYS walk in that love, which was poured into you, you can receive your hopes. 
Love is not just a nice feeling that is sometimes there. It is a decision. Love is the strongest spiritual force and can move everything out of the way, if you allow it to work in your life. God himself is Love!

So don't live like the rest of this world any longer, hoping for a better future but never actually getting to see it. 

Take a step in faith, make the decision to walk in love (God) in every situation and you WILL CERTAINLY live in the future you hoped for! 

Never give up on your hopes (your goals/visions), because as believer you have what it takes to reach them! 
God’s love has been poured into you and if you walk in that love, nothing will be impossible to you, because love will supercharge your faith and manifest everything you have been believing for. 
God is Love and if you walk with God, nothing can stop you!
(Romans 5,5-11 & Galatians 5,6)