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Shake off the Dust

25 Mar 2020

...shake off the dust from your feet…

Luke 9,5

In Luke 9,1-6, Jesus didn't only talk to his disciples. He also spoke to YOU.

Jesus gave you all power and authority to proclaim the kingdom of God and to tell and show everyone that you come in contact with. 
The kingdom of God doesn't just refer to heaven/paradise though, where we will go after we die. It refers to the system of God, here and now in this world. It is a life in the abundance of God and in His perfect will for your life, that will satisfy all your needs and that you can have right here and right now. 

The authority that Jesus gave you includes the authority over sickness, demons and everything else that belongs to the curse, and He gave it to you, so that you won't have to suffer from it any longer, but live free from it, because only a life in complete freedom can fully reflect/proclaim Gods kingdom. 

To proclaim Gods kingdom, you don't necessarily need to be a preacher. Just like God needs preachers, He also needs bakers, engineers, doctors and cleaners. No matter in what area God has called you to be, all positions are equally important to God and no matter if you clean toilets, bake breads or build house, you can proclaim Gods kingdom through your life, in all areas. 

The problem that still keeps many people back from completely living in and therefore proclaiming Gods kingdom though are people or certain things in their lives, that don't want to conform to the kingdom way and steal all their time and energy. It could be old friends, certain habits you developed, or other things that hold you back from Gods plan and your visions, but Jesus told you plainly what to do with those things: “Shake the dust off your feet”.

No matter what keeps you back from Gods plan for your life and no matter what still separates you from “heaven on earth” (kingdom of God), shake it off and get back on the right track. Don't let anything keep you back and straightway approach your goal, because only then will you finally be able to live the GOOD life. 

You were given all power and authority to live a life that proclaims the kingdom of God, here on the earth! 
Whatever area God has called you to be in, your life should shine and bring deliverance from sickness, demons and every other evil thing to everyone you come in contact with, but to do that, you need to get rid of everything that’s holding you back.
You need to shake off the dust from your feet and look forward! (Luke 9,1-6)