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Top Priority - Gods Word

24 Mar 2020

...and his flesh was restored like the flesh of a little child, and he was clean.

2 Kings 5,14

Before you continue reading today, open your bible and read the story about Naaman in 2. Kings 5,8-14 again, so that following text will be easier to understand. 

The story clearly shows us that there are 3 main steps to reaching your promised land and a life that's full of GOODNESS and blessings, where milk and honey truly flow. 

The steps are following: 
1. Gods Word
2. Your Decision - Gods way or my own way 
3. The Manifestation - Life/Blessing or Death/Curse

If you finally want to turn your life around and get it back on track, or if you already have a good life but just think that there are certain areas where you are still missing something, then learn from Naamans story and start using it in your every day life. 

The first step to living the GOOD life is Gods word. Naaman heard that there is a God that can heal his leprosy and Elisha confirmed, that that God can and will heal. (verse 8)
Furthermore, God told Naaman that he should go to Jordan and dip in it 7 times, so that he will be healed. (verse10)
So what does God say about your situation? What way did God show you to get out of your debts, to restore your relationship or to receive your healing?

The second step is your decision. Naaman first got mad and wanted to go back, but thank God that his servant convinced him to do as God told him to. (verse 13)
Often Gods solution to your problem might look silly or insane, but don't let that dissuade you. ALWAYS choose Gods way, no matter how insane it might look. 
For Example: We are supposed to give to receive increase. It sounds insane, but it ALWAYS functions in EVERY area!

The third and final step is the manifestation of your decision. If Naaman would have chosen not to obey God, then he would have never been healed and he probably wouldn't even be in the bible. But he chose to follow God and therefore could experience how good it is to follow Him! (verse 14)

What decision are you facing today? What area of your life seems to be impossible to improve or fix? 
The answer to ALL your problems is Gods word. No matter if you are millions in debt, if your sickness almost already killed you or if your kids just don't want to listen to you, the solution is always Gods word!
Find Gods way, don't let anything dissuade you and finally enter into a truly GOOD (problem-free) life!

The key to living the GOOD life can be summed up in 3 steps. 
First comes always Gods word. What does God say about your situation and what has God promised you in his word - what belongs to you?
Secondly comes your decision. Will you choose to follow Gods word and do what He told you to do, or will you ignore Him and do your own thing? 
The last part is the manifestation. Life and blessings if you chose God and His word and death if you followed your own understanding. 
Be smart and choose life! (2. Kings 5,8-14)