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Walk right through it!

23 Mar 2020

But passing through their midst, he (Jesus) went away.

Luke 4,30

If you have Gods word as your foundation, if you stand on His promises and got yourself a vision for your future, then you are on the right way. 
Visions and goals are vital for you and as long as they are based on Gods word, they can NEVER be too big!

Especially if your visions surpass human reasoning though and it seems impossible to everyone that doesn't know how to live by Gods word, you can be sure that the devil will try and find a way to kill you and your vision. 
The devil is very limited, but he will use everything he has at his disposal, to get you away from your vision. 

It could be that he uses other people against you, that tell you that your vision is silly and nonsense, or it can be that he uses other circumstances to make you miss your goal. But NO MATTER what he comes against you with, don't be worried, because the one that fights with you is so big and strong, that the devil is a NOBODY in His presence!

Jesus was always led by the spirit and always had a clear vision for His life, and because of that the devil attacked Him from all sides and tried to kill Him. Even in His hometown, the devil manage to get the people so mad at Him, that they encircled Jesus and tried to push Him down a cliff. Yet He wasn't moved by them and just walked right through them in the supernatural, following His vision. 

No matter what's standing against you or what tries to keep you from your vision today, don't be moved! Understand that God is on your side and no matter if sickness, poverty, storms or angry people come against you, He will always guide you through their midst, so you can follow your vision and live in it!

When you have a vision for your life, don’t let mad people, bad reports, your friends or anything else stop you from reaching your goal! 
When you have a vision that is bigger than mans understanding, the devil will try his best to kill you and your dream, but don’t be moved by what’s coming against you. 
Do like Jesus did and walk right through the midst of opposing forces, continuing the race until you live in your vision! (Luke 4,24-30)