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Hope - Anchor of the Soul

22 Mar 2020

Now we have this hope as a sure and steadfast anchor of the soul.
It cannot slip and it cannot break down,

Hebrews 6,19

Everywhere on this earth, people are looking for something unchangeable, something sure and steadfast, that will always hold and never upset, to build their lives on that foundation. 

Specially nowadays, with financial crises that leave many jobless and in poverty, in disasters that kill thousands of people, destroy their homes and steal everything from them, and in many other things, you need a firm foundation that you can build on, that will give peace to your soul. 

So what is that foundation that is unchanging and always sustainable? What is that anchor for my soul? 

Matthew 24,35 says, that the word will never pass away, and even if heaven and earth will pass away, the word will always sustain!
So the word is that unchanging, sure and steadfast foundation, that humanity is looking for. Only a life that is build on the word can withstand all crises, all disasters, all storms and all attacks, and only through the word will you get out of them even more blessed than before. 

Hope is an expectancy of something good, with the insurance that you will receive it. It's nothing wavering or uncertain, because Jesus (Jesus = the Word) is the strong foundation of that hope. 
That kind of hope is the anchor for your soul. Jesus is the word and therefore only a hope that is based on the word can serve as anchor for your soul and only that kind of hope can lead you into a tomorrow, in which the word is your strong foundation and in which you are safe from everything that's subject to change. 

Take Gods word and make His promises to your hopes. Those hopes are not something uncertain, because you will receive them and when you live in manifestations of those hopes, you will finally have that unchanging and sustainable foundation, to build your whole, care-free life on!

Only the hope that has Jesus (the Word) as foundation can serve as steadfast anchor for your soul, because everything is subject to change, Gods word though will never change!
So if your hope (an expectancy of something good) is based on the word of God, then you also have the insurance that you will receive whatever you hope for and therefore your soul will finally find peace! (Hebrews 6,18-19 & Matthew 24,35)