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Your God is with You

13 Feb 2020

...even there your hand shall lead me,
and your right hand shall hold me.

Psalms 139,10

Your heavenly father is saying to you:
“My child, I love you with a love that has no boundaries and that nothing can separate you from.
No matter if you ascend to heaven or if you make your bed in the darkest corner, I AM WITH YOU!
No matter if you decide to go to the utter most ends of the world or just stay in bed all day and be lazy, I AM WITH YOU!
No matter how bad the devils attacks are and even if you think that all demons from hell are coming for you, I AM WITH YOU!

Trust me my child. Even when you feel completely helpless and left alone, I AM WITH YOU and because i love you so, I will not stand by and watch you suffer, instead I WILL lead you out.

It is not important what burdens you, what disables you, what keeps you in bondage or who is coming against you, I AM WITH YOU and if you only turn around to me and let me guide you, I will bring you back into victory on a straight path!”

Take some time today and meditate on Psalm 139,8-13 and meditate on the greatness of your God!
Every day, every hour and every second you need to know, that God is right there with you and that NOTHING can separate you from Him. 
God needs to become more real to you than your circumstances, everything visible around you and even more real than other people. 

If you get that kind of God-consciouns, you won't have to try and hear His voice in every situation and you won't have to always try hard to make sure you keep His words, because you will know His voice and His leading will be so obvious to you, that you will go from victory to victory automatically.

Your God will never abandon you! He is always with you and always ready to guide you out of your ditch.
You might not always feel Gods presence and it might feel like He is nowhere close to you, but I can assure you that He is with you, ALWAYS and EVERYWHERE! Not only is your God with you though, but He also has the way out of where ever you got yourself into. When you are facing a tough situation today or lost yourself in darkness, seek God first. He is there with you and He will lead you out if you only listen. (Psalm 139,8-13)