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The Victory is Yours

12 Feb 2020

This day the Lord will deliver you into my hand,
and I will strike you down and cut off your head

1 Samuel 17,46

You are a winner and it is about time that you start seeing yourself as one too!

David is a perfect example of a winner and God put his story in His word, so you can learn from it, because God knows that every now and then you will face a Goliath in your life too. 

The most important part of living in victory is to know who is fighting on your side. David was so sure of his victory, because he knew that God was on his side and that God is all-mighty. David was totally convinced, that God is bigger than Goliath and he also was convinced that God is always on his side, because of his covenant with Him. 

Therefore, when you become convinced that God himself is on your side and fights for you, you can speak to your problems just like David did. “...for who is this uncircumcised Philistine, ...” (1. Samuel 17,26) “Who/what is that small, weak problem, that can't be overcome by my all-mighty God?!”  
Notice, there is no fear and total confidence, that God will give victory over Goliath!

You need to get that same confidence when looking at your day to day problems or when facing bigger situations, which seem impossible to overcome. 
You need to stop talking about your problems and stop explaining to everyone how bad your sickness is, how big your debts are, etc. and you need to start speaking about the power and greatness of your God, making clear that your problems are weak, uncircumcised and easy to overcome!
It doesn't matter if you or anyone else has a way to solve your problem, because when you talk and act with that confidence, your problem is in the hands of your God and He will give you victory over it. 

You are not a soldier fighting for your victory, you fight because you already know that the victory is yours!
Your God already prepared your victory for YOU. Now enter the battle with the same confidence that David had, because when you dare to fight against your Goliath, knowing that God is on your side, you will have victory every time!

Today is your day of victory! Whatever it is you have been fighting with or running away from for the past weeks, this day God will deliver it into your hands!
It is not up to you to fight and win, for the battle is the Lord’s. Stop trying to win your fight and instead step out in faith, declare your victory over your situation and watch God bring that victory in. Have faith in God and today you will be set free! (1. Samuel 17,26-52)