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An honorable man of God

29 Dec 2019

It is an honor for a man/woman to cease from strife,
but every fool will quarrel.

Proverbs 20,3

Strife is a topic that is often addressed, but even though many talk about it, it still destroys relationships, families and even single people.

Your enemy knows that there is great power in unity and that he has no chance to touch you, your relationship or your family, as long as you live in that unity. That is why he constantly tries to bring strife and he does this especially in moments where families come together to just have a good time. 

It is easy and often seems automatic to yield to strife and to get wrapped up in it, but that is why you always need to know that strife opens your doors wide for the devil to come in and make wounds that are hard to heal. 

So YOU should be the one that acts honorable and who is a man of God that practices patience, forgiveness and self-control, always and everywhere!

When strife comes, resist it and do everything it takes to get rid of it. No matter if you are right and no matter how much they might have hurt you, be willing to forgive everything and never try to prove anyone wrong by fighting, because it will wound you. 

YOU have what it takes to live strife-free and to make sure that you resist strife, because you have God’s own qualities inside you!
Practice patience, forgiveness and self-control in your own life, with your partner and with your family and keep the peace, as an honorable man/woman of God!

Unity is what keeps relationships and especially families strong and blessed, yet too many people yield to strife and get angry with each other.
YOU should not tolerate strife, for it breaks the unity and opens the doors for all other kinds of evil things. You have what it takes to be patient, to be forgiving and to practice self control.
Strife is always easy to yield to, yet it leaves wounds that are hard to heal. Be strong and resist strife in yourself, your relationship and your family, whatever it takes! (James 3,13-18 & Proverbs 20,3)