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Not Conformed, but Transformed

28 Dec 2019

And your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying,
“This is the way, walk in it,”
when you turn to the right or when you turn to the left.

Isaiah 30,21

We often believe that we need to have all the knowledge of this world and that we need to be taught by this world before we can do anything, but even though it is good to know a lot and to know how other people (the world) handle certain situations, their limits are never our limits and their methods should not automatically be ours!

As believers we want to see extraordinary results, which are usually unimaginable for this world. So to see extraordinary results, you need to act extraordinary.
That means that when the whole world does certain things to get rid of their problems, to reach their goals, etc., then YOU shouldn’t just follow them right away, but instead do something extraordinary and inquire the Spirit of God. 

The ways the world acts and their “wisdoms” will never be able to give you the life that belongs to you through Gods promises, which is the good, the pleasant and the perfect life. Therefore don’t try and become more and more like this world.

Maybe you have been trying to get rid of your debt, get healed, get friends, fix your relationship, etc., for a long time already, yet without success.
If that is you, then make the decision today to take another path, which is not the way this world does it and probably not the one that sounds most logic or easiest - It is the way of the Spirit of God!

Gods Spirit is there to guide you and show you where to go. Don’t expect everything He tells you to be logical, because you are on a path that is extraordinary.
Simply know, that this is the only way that will make you complete, lacking nothing and satisfied! 

You cannot reach the goals you want to reach and do what you were called to do by doing what the rest of the world is doing. To see extraordinary results, you need to function on a different/higher level than the world does, because those things that God wants you to live in cannot be received by the worlds way of doing things.
Be extraordinary, do things the way the world doesn’t know to do - do it Spirit-lead!
The world cannot lead you into the good, the pleasant and the perfect. So go the other way and do things Gods way! (Romans 12,2 & Isaiah 30,2)