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Free for the Spirit

27 Dec 2019

Remember my bonds!

Colossians 4,18

Paul didn’t just write this verse to tell the Colossian church to think of him sitting in prison. He wrote it for you right here and now, so that it can help you out and set you free!

God opened this verse to me when I was dealing with getting my flesh (my body/desire) under control and He showed me here that this verse also talks about the bonds in the flesh, so that the Spirit can live freely.  

You yourself are not flesh. You have a body with all its desires and needs, yet you yourself are Spirit and you even have the Spirit of God inside you.
Now even though you are Spirit, your flesh wants to lead and guide you and it will do that without even asking you, while your Spirit is a gentleman and doesn’t do anything without your permission.

So just like Paul is writing that he continuously kept his flesh in bonds, so should you also do, so that your Spirit can live freely and guide you from now on.

I am not just talking about some extreme lusts or desires that you might have, but also about the small things that you do from day to day and that keep you too busy to take time to allow the Spirit to guide. 

You know best what keeps you away and in which area you are still lead by your flesh, instead of the Spirit. Admit it to yourself and take measures today to change this and be Spirit-lead from now on.
Gods guidance is too precious to ignore it, for it is often the small and seemingly unimportant decisions that will change your life into good, if you follow the Spirit.

Be an imitator of Jesus himself and keep your flesh in bonds! You won’t regret it.

Your flesh (physical body) is not you, for you are Spirit. Yet that body wants to lead and guide you, stopping your Spirit from directing your life!
Gods Spirit inside you is a gentleman and unless you give Him room to guide you, it will just sit there and wait on you to put your flesh under and take authority.
His guidance is too precious to miss out on! You yourself know best which areas your flesh is still ruling over. Admit it to yourself, take measures to put your flesh under and then enjoy the guidance into the good life!
(Colossians 4,18 & Galatians 5,16-25)