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The excellent Way

08 Dec 2019

And I will show you a still more excellent way...

1 Corinthians 12,31

From the beginning on people have tried to make it on their own. 
They tried to get closer to living in their dreams and so they created many different strategies, some of which are based on the bible and others which they just came up with themselves.

That is why we can see so many books about success, about right living, getting rich, getting healed,… but all those ways have a problem. They do get you to your desired goals, but at the same time they rob you in some other area.

What do I mean by that?
All the ways that men came up with to have success, to reach goals or their dreams, require you to give up something in some other area, and so you end up reaching your goal but are still broken and unfulfilled. 

Thats how people think that they have to cheat their colleagues to get a raise or to finally get their dream job, but in the end they end up with more money than they could ever spend, yet without friends. What does all the money profit you then?

That same principle also applies to many relationship nowadays and other areas of life. 

Now in all that though, there is a much more excellent way which the world has not perceived. It is Love!

Everything, no matter what and no matter how important your dream might seem, it is totally pointless and won’t be fulfilling, unless you keep the love.
In love you can have success, reach dreams and goals, get raises, get healed, rich and all other things, without any losses or side effects, and that is why love is the only way on which you will reach your goals, and instead of it causing you to lack in other areas, you will prosper in them too!

Love is the excellent way that people have not discovered yet. Dare to walk and pursue your dreams in it, and you will see that it truly is better!

Over the years the world has developed many different ways to success, to reaching your goals and to getting the results you hoped for, but all their ways have a fault in them. You might win one thing, yet you have to give up something else for it.
This worlds way can only get you to your goals in a broken state, where you will have that one thing but lack in all other areas, and that is why you will never be completely satisfied nor fulfilled. So stop trying to make it to your dream by following the worlds ways. You have a far more excellent way, the only way that can truly fulfil you and satisfy you. It is called LOVE! (1. Corinthians 12,31 & 13,1-13)