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Plan A, B or C

03 Dec 2019

The light of the body is the eye:
if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.
But if thine eye be evil (unsound), thy whole body shall be full of darkness.

Matthew 6,22-23

When we are facing decisions or have big things planned that will change our lives, we were taught to have a plan A, B, C,… ready incase everything goes wrong or we mess up.
Now that sounds pretty intelligent, but with God it doesn’t work according to plan A, B or C!

God only has one plan for you and for your life, where everything that you tried to reach through your decisions and your works is already included. But you cannot live in abundance as long as you let your plan B and C cheat you out of your promise. 

It is important to have your spiritual eye single. To keep it single doesn’t have anything to do with stupidity though. Instead it has to do with intelligence and wisdom and means to be only focused on ONE thing.
It means that you constantly keep Gods promise for you and His plan for your life in front of your eyes and that you are ONLY focused on that, because your plan B and C will drive you away from the light and bring darkness into your life.

So YOU need to learn to see yourself the way God sees you and no other way!
When God sees you healed by the stripes of Jesus, see yourself healed. When God sees you rich and prosperous, see yourself the same way. When God sees you successful, then see yourself ONLY successful.

If you focus like that on ONLY one thing and thereby keep your eye single, then the devil won’t be able to cheat you out of your promises!
Being single minded doesn’t mean to be limited. To the contrary. It means that if you only see yourself the way God sees you, then you will see limitless possibility and great potential, and then you will be able to pursue impossible goals and reach them.

With God you don’t need a plan B or C, for if He promised it, you can most certainly live in it!

You need to practice looking at things only one way, the correct way, the way that God looks at it! When God sees you prosperous, see yourself ONLY prosperous. When He sees you healed or successful, ONLY see yourself succeeding and healed.
Your spiritual eye needs to be focused only on what God has said about you, for only then will you light up completely, to the point where even your body is lit up, and that is when what you have been beholding (Gods glory) will manifest in your life!
Don’t look to plan A, B, C,… Only focus on what God said because then you won’t be cheated out of your promise. (Matthew 6,22-23 & Ephesians 1,3-6)