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Free from worry in true Love

02 Dec 2019

There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear.
...and whoever fears has not been perfected in love.

1 John 4,18

Nowadays people are expected to be worried about their loved ones. You get called heartless and cruel when you don’t worry in tough situations and especially when you don’t worry about your partner. But did you know that there CANNOT be any worry or fear in true love?

Worries have to do with fear, but in love there is no fear.

The love that is described nowadays is weak, without power, twisted and simply a false kind of love.
True love has great power and authority and can therefore turn every situation around for good. That’s why true love does not have to be worried and doesn’t need to be scared, because it can change the situation - for God himself is that love!

So if you think that you love someone because you worry about them, then go back and rethink that, because you just got through saying that your love is weak, twisted and unfruitful!

The only way in which true love will manifest in your life and bear fruits is when you make God your love and then use that love to love others.
As believer you have access to the only true and powerful love and you can now use it to change situations to turn out well, instead of worrying, which won’t get you anywhere.

True love has action and blesses you in everything, whereas false love worries and makes your life joyless and unfruitful.
Face every situation with true love (with God) and you will see how it will lead you out of your fears into victory, for God is not too weak to protect and bless you and your loved ones. - God himself is that true kind of love!

True love in its purest form has action and power, whereas false love goes hand in hand with worries and fear!
To live in a love-relationship with God means to be free from fear and worries, for His love has the power to make everything in your life good and thereby doesn’t leave room for worry and fear.
It is not love to be worried about someone close to you, because in true love there is no fear, for true love has full authority to act, for God is love and now His love is at work! (1. John 4,15-21)