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Forgiveness is not Complicated

01 Dec 2019

Which is easier,
to say to the paralytic: Your sins are forgiven,
or to say: Rise, take up your bed and walk?

Mark 2,9

For years we were taught that forgiveness is something complicated, that we have to spend days in regret and that we have to get God to be merciful through our tears, but today I want to set you free from that lie! 

Jesus paid such a hard price for your forgiveness, so that YOU can receive it now easily and totally uncomplicated, and so that your works won’t have anything to do with it any longer.
He made it so simple, so that if you just come into His presence as soon as you messed up, realize that you did something wrong and are willing to change,  you are forgiven in that very moment, as if nothing ever happened!

I always used to think that I couldn’t expect anything from God for the rest of the day and that I don’t have to be surprised if something bad happens, as soon I did something that I knew God didn’t like.
I always asked Him forgiveness, but even then I let my feelings determine the way I acted and that is why I always just wanted the day to go by as fast as possible, just because I knew that my feelings won’t bother me about it the next day.

Now God showed me though that this was the devil playing his feeling-games on me.
If you came before God and received your forgiveness, then you are cleansed in THAT VERY MOMENT and have full access to all His grace, His favor, His protection and His blessing.
The blood of Jesus is a continuous waterfall, keeping you cleansed, not a bath that you take once a day, a month or a year!

So don’t allow your feelings or your deeds to determine whether you receive Gods favor in your life or not. Grace means unmerited favor and even when you messed up, you can still receive Gods favor, if you simply start having more faith in the works of Jesus than you have in your feelings!

Whenever you messed up and feel guilty, be quick to repent of it and receive your forgiveness from God and those you wronged, and then don’t let your feelings tell you if you are truly forgiven or not!
The devil will use your feelings to make you feel guilty and to condemn you, even after you repented, but repent by faith and not by your feelings.
If you follow your feelings and keep feeling unworthy of Gods favor, then that favor cannot reach you any longer. But if you choose to repent by faith and believe you are forgiven, even though you might still feel guilty, then favor can flow freely again! (Mark 2,1-12)