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A life above Offense

30 Nov 2019

Do not take to heart all the things that people say,
lest you hear your servant cursing you...

Ecclesiastes 7,21

There is always people that try to hurt you or offend you, but today I want to share a method with you by which you can live far above all the offense and those emotional roller coasters. 

Unity is the necessary ingredient that will let you live in perfection, whether it is in your relationship with God, your partner, your family, friends or anyone else.
Unity is kept by peace and thereby forms a bond around you and the ones involved, which keeps unity and therefore creates perfection (completeness/wholeness) in your life! (Ephesians 4,3 & Colossians 3,14)

That is the reason why God tells us to be very selective as to what we let into our hearts.
Most people nowadays are looking for something bad that was said about them, so that they can be upset and offended, because they hope to accomplish something with that. But that is the wrong attitude.
You should ONLY look for good and ONLY focus your heart on good words and words of peace and love, because you want your life to be complete and not falling apart any longer!

People will talk badly about you and it might happen every now and then that even people that are close to you say something wrong, but especially in those situations YOU need to be disciplined and learn to overhear and NOT let those words that don’t agree with peace and love into your heart.

It might sound silly to you, but if you live that way and thereby don’t give offense place in your life, your life will be complete and perfect in every aspect, for now you have the unity!

Be quick to forgive and to overhear, even if it hurt your feelings, and don’t give offense place in your life, no matter the circumstances.
Unity that is kept by love and peace is the way to the life of wholeness you dreamt about. 
Don’t let anything take that away from you!

Being offended by what people did or said to you has never profited anyone! There will always be people trying to offend you or hurt you, so you need to start being selective as to what you hear and take to heart.
Offense breaks the unity in your life, wether it is the unity with God, your spouse or your family, and thereby takes out the ingredient of perfection!
Start living a life above offense! They might hurt your feelings, but don’t let that offend you and instead keep the bond of perfection. You won’t regret it!
(Ecclesiastes 7,21-22 & Ephesians 4,3-6 & Colossians 3,13-15)