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Grow up into your Ruler-Position

29 Nov 2019

Out of the mouth of babies and infants, 
you have established strength because of your foes, 
to still the enemy and the avenger.

Psalms 8,2

God didn’t create us a little lower than angels. He created us a little lower than himself, so that we can grow in His glory and flourish. (Verse 5, ASV)
Therefore it is obvious that you and I were created as powerful beings, as overcomes and as rulers, in Gods likeness. 

Even into the mouths of babies and infants, God gave strength/might, which ought to be the foundation wall of your stronghold, by which enemies are silenced (made powerless). 
So God gave you that powerful tool in the cradle so that from your childhood onwards you could live in authority, grow in it and flourish, until you reach Gods level!

That praise and thanksgiving, which you already had as baby, should be the foundation wall of your life, but instead of growing in it, most believers have already forgotten how to praise and worship God.

So when did you forget to praise God without restrains? 
When did you forget how to look at your life and be thankful?
When did you forget how to look at the heavens, the moon and the stars and to remember that God takes good care of you? (Verses 3-4) 

If you are honest and realized that you forgot how to do all these things, then don’t stay where you are any longer. Relearn how to praise and worship God without restrain instead, just like you did when you were a baby, and then GROW in that, so that your foundation walls become stronger and stronger! 

Take time to look at your life, the life of others, nature, your own body and everything else that God created, and relearn to praise and worship Him for it.
If you do that, you will notice how an assurance and a feeling of safety will come over you, for you are realizing bit by bit that God cares for you and supplies all your need, just like a good father does with his baby. And if you then give praise, out of that assurance and safety, your enemies will tremble and take flight, for NOW you became king over your life, ruling under the King of kings!

God created you as a powerful creature, as an overcomer and a ruler, and His plan for you was to live in that power, ever since you were born!
Even in the mouth of babies has He given power to silence the enemy, and so should you increase in that power, NOT decrease. So where have you lost that power and where have you forgotten how to praise God for all the good?
Learn once more to praise God without restrain and be thankful, and thereby finally grow up into your ruler position! (Psalm 8)