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Don’t bear your Fruits in Vain

22 Nov 2019

All your fortresses are like fig trees with first-ripe figs
—if shaken they fall into the mouth of the eater.

Nahum 3,12

The life of too many believers still looks like this fig tree, whose fruits fall into the mouth of the eater right away, as soon as he just shakes them a little. 

First-ripe figs and fruits in your life are good, but they are not meant for your enemy, but rather to bless you and those around you!
Now you need to get strong, steadfast and immovable, so that your fortress will withstand and not give in as soon as you see, hear or feel something demotivating!

For example was there some virus going around in our uni a few weeks back, so that many in my class were sick and couldn’t even show up for the entire week.
So once I noticed that I was doing a little bad too and didn’t feel good all of a sudden, I immediately resisted that devourer (eater) WITH THE WORD, and didn’t give place to him. I did everything exactly the same way I would used to do it, only proclaimed healing over myself, then went to bed and when I woke up EVERYTHING was gone.

The devil tried to shake my fortress and just waited for me to give in and drop the my fruits of healing, which belong to me, BUT because I was strong in God (strong in His Word) and didn’t give in, those fruits of healing blessed and worked for ME!

So can you now see why God tells you in 1. Corinthians 15,58 to be steadfast, immovable and always abounding in the work of the Lord, so that your labor is not in vain?

You need to dive into Gods Word and therefore His works, because only then will you become strong in Gods strength and only then will you not bear your fruits in vain, but be able to use them in your life!

You serve a STRONG God and so it is evident that you should be strong too, yet too many believers have been weak and easily moved by influences other than God!
Don’t be like a ripe fig tree who drops his fruits right into the mouth of the eater as soon as he shakes a little. Your fruits are not for the devil and so you need to hold on tight and not be moved by what you can see, hear or feel.
Enter into Gods Word and His works and you will grow in the strength of God, not bearing fruits in vain, but producing fruits that bless you and those around you! (Nahum 3,12 & 1. Corinthians 15,57-58)