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The end of all Controversy

27 Oct 2019

...for men indeed do swear by the greater,
and an end of all controversy to them for confirmation is the oath...

Hebrews 6,16

God made you the heir of all His promises, and because He knew how we often doubt and how we are uncertain of some things, He gave you the confirmation with His oath, so that that oath is the end of all controversy in your life!

That means that God already did everything that was to do and that you can be 100% certain, that the blessing is yours and that He will remove all controversy in your life, if you only dare to enter that blessing through faith and endurance! (verses 11-12)

Controversy refers to everything in your thoughts, in your life and in your circumstances that doesn’t align with Gods promises of blessing. And even though in past times you just had to live with that controversy, accept it and never really see results, God helped you out now. 

He revealed to YOU today, that faith and endurance is the end of all controversy in your life! 

Can you see how much power this holds? 
Everywhere where you still can't see blessing in your life, everywhere where you still doubt Gods ability and everywhere where you still experience failure, whether it’s financially, in your relationship, your business or anywhere else, you will see a change, for that controversy has to align with Gods promises, for now you simply believe and hold your ground in faith.

Your promises are due and now is the time in which you will receive. Just don’t let go and quit now. Even if you are at the point where everything seems lost - if you still won’t quit, you will come out victorious! 

Faith and endurance is the end of all controversy that is going on in your life! Controversy refers to anything that still says and that still looks different to what God has said to and about you in His promises. And to prove to you again how much He wants YOU BLESSED, not cursed, He vouched with an oath! Now don’t become weary and slothful, for all controversy is put to and end, for those that hold their ground in faith. Everything in your life is about to align with Gods word. Don’t give up now! (Hebrews 6,11-20)