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Don’t let him play his tricks on you. Overcome!

24 Oct 2019

...for there be more with us than with him:
With him is an arm of flesh;
but with us is the Lord our God to help us, and to fight our battles!

2 Chronicles 32,7-8

The devil has always been a phony and a snob, and if you actually look at the way he acts and at what he thinks he is capable of, it becomes ridiculous!
Isn’t it ridiculous to try and fight God for His throne? And if that is already ridiculous, how much more the fact that he didn’t only do it once, but that he tries it over and over again, every time he goes against a servant, a child and an appointed of God. 

The devil himself knows that he is only a flesh-devil. That means that he only has fleshy/worldly resources, which are weak and useless against Gods spiritual weapons and His ability, since spiritual things can completely rule over and completely change things of the flesh!

So the devil will now try and buff up, put make up on and disguise those fleshy things, so that they will look dangerous, big, strong, insuperable and intimidating. Whether it is in the form of an army, a sickness, a crises, a hard test or strife.

Now if you walk by the flesh and don’t even know about the spiritual things, your situation will look and also be insuperable!
Once you realized though that they that are with you, are more than they that are with your enemy, for you can now see the spiritual and are not influenced by the flesh, the victory is yours!

Don’t let the devils big balloons scare you, for it only takes a small amount of faith (spiritual force) to burst the entire thing. Run towards it, in full assurance of victory and you will see how all of a sudden all mighty men of valor, all the leaders and all captains of the devil will just go up in smoke. You will see the devil back under your feet!

The devil belongs under your feet. Let him blow up his balloons and play with his makeup there, for they have no business being in YOUR life!

Don’t be afraid or dismayed by anything coming against you. They might have more people, look tougher and scream louder, BUT those that are with YOU are ALWAYS more than those that are with them!
Your enemy will always puff himself up and inflate like a balloon, looking big, strong and intimidating, but all it is is make up, for once He gets near a servant of God that knows who he is in Christ, all that big and tough will wash away and all that’s left is a weak flesh-devil, under your feet! (2. Chronicles 32,6-22)