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Do everything wholeheartedly and for God

22 Oct 2019

Whatever you do,
work at it wholeheartedly as though you were doing it a for the Lord and
not merely for people.
You know that it is from the Lord that you will receive the inheritance
as a reward.

Colossians 3,23-24

It is important to realise that through Jesus, all your work conditions changed. But as long as you still try and work for a living and thereby for people, instead of acknowledging God as your provider, you will be dependent upon this world and be limited in all you do!

By you receiving Jesus into your life, God Himself became your source and your provider, so that now you don't have to work for a living any longer, but can work for God instead, so that you won't receive according to your work, but receive all His abundance according to Gods favour! 

That doesn't mean that you should give up your current job to go and preach. No! God needs people in ALL areas of life, be it doctors, engineers, cleaners, stay at home mums, taxi drivers, pastors, evangelists or any other area. In the eyes of God, all those jobs are equally important and when He called you into a certain position, you have access to the inheritance, through which He will bless you and provide for you! 

Can you see how God is going to expand His kingdom through you? 
He needs you so that you can work in your job for Him, not for people. By you working for Him, WHOLEHEARTEDLY, whether it is your actual job, chores or something unpleasant that your partner or parents asked you to do, God can bless you independently of your performances. 

Once that inheritance manifests in your life, since you started working for God wholeheartedly in EVERYTHING you do, supernatural success will be there, wisdoms will be revealed, coworkers will be saved, relationships will restored and made whole again and you will succeed in EVERYTHING you do! 

So don't work with reluctance and anger for people any longer. Instead do everything you do wholeheartedly and for God. You will not only enjoy it more, but you will also be completely blessed. 

Whatever you are doing, whatever you are working on and whatever your job might be, do it wholeheartedly, for you are working for God, NOT for men! 
By you receiving Jesus into your life, it all changed, and now that God is your source and your provider, not your job, you ought not work for a living, but work for God alone, who provides you with everything! 
There are a lot of different jobs that God needs done, and if He told you to do what you are doing rite now, then do it wholeheartedly, without reluctance and anger, for only if you work for God wholeheartedly, He can repay/bless you wholeheartedly! (Colossians 3,23-25 & 1. Corinthians 15,58)