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The Necessary Transformation

10 Oct 2019

O man/woman greatly beloved, fear not: peace be unto thee,
be strong, yea, be strong. And when he spake unto me, I was strengthened...

Daniel 10,19

Gods plans and visions for your future, that He already revealed to you, are impossible and unreachable for this world, but because God wants you to not be limited by worldly things and human possibilities, He wants to transform you and equip you with His characteristics and abilities, so that you will reach those visions and goals! 

That transformation is perfectly described in Daniel 10 and already in verses 1-3 we can see, how that transformation starts.
It always starts with your decision to seek God, to emulate Him and to finally get serious about His word and spending time fellowshipping with Him. Daniel did that by fasting and various other things, but no matter how you want to do it, it is about you aligning yourself with Gods word and getting closer to Him.

So once you made that decision, you will notice that the same things that happened to Daniel in verses 5-12 will happen to you. By you taking your focus off of this world and putting it on God, all that small power left in your flesh will be removed, you will become blind to the things of this world and you will stop hearing from it. Your old body will finally be done away with and make room for Gods ability!

So once the old is gone and you are free and set on God, the best part comes. NOW Gods power can finally flow into you, so that now you can do things through His ability, see the world through His eyes and hear through His ears! (verses 18-19) 

That transformation doesn't need to take long and you won't be walking around weak and powerless, until God gives you His ability. That second and third step will happen almost instantly, as long as you initiated that transformation.

That is how God can put away with the old and give you His power, in which you can reach all those impossible goals and live here on earth, just like God does, for now God lives through YOU!

God has great plans for your future and He wants to do great things through you, but first of all He needs you to get into position for Him to work the supernatural through you! 
That transformation starts with you seeking God and getting serious about spending time in fellowship with Him and in His word. That will put you into position and it will finally take the little bit of strength left in you, shut your eyes and ears to this world and let go of your old self. Once that is done, you are ready to be filled with Gods strength, start seeing through His eyes and hearing through His ears. That is how you will do the impossible and live as God-like son/daughter! (Daniel 10, 5-12 & 16-19)