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Pleasant Anticipation and Excitement

09 Oct 2019

For I know the plans I have for you,...
plans for welfare... to give you a future and a hope (an expected end).

Jeremiah 29,11

Gods plans for your future are peace, which means that they will do you good, bring you joy and that they will be pleasant. Not only are His plans peace though, but they also give you a future (an expected end) and hope. A future and a goal that you can look forward to!

Other places promise you that He will guide you and show you the correct path of that hope and peace (Proverbs 3,6), that He will bring all your plans to pass (Proverbs 16,3) and that He will not just give you whatever is good enough, but that He will give you that which brings you JOY! (1. Timothy 6,17) 

So if you have all those promises, then it is time for you to start using them and thereby becoming excited about it, for it is the words of God that you get excited about, that will work for you!

So first of all, write down what plans and thoughts of peace are to you.
Then write down what that hope/future is, that God put on your heart, and then combine that future with those thoughts of peace. That is how you will see what the next step that God has planned for you is!

After all that, write down the results/outcome that you are expecting and that agrees with the first 2 steps. Write that very clearly and detailed, just how it brings you peace and joy.

Last of all, write "GRACE" in big letters under it, for it is by grace that you will see those expected/hoped for result in your life! Grace is Gods favor that will bring your plans to pass, even though you don't deserve it and don't really qualify. That obstacle is overcome by grace!

Once you realized that and acted upon it, you will automatically be full of pleasant anticipation and excitement, so that you might even start breaking out into tears because of joy - and by that joy you will know that the word will work for you with 100% certainty, for you let it get you excited! 

When God told you that He will give you a hope and an expected end, that He will give you ALL things richly to enjoy and that He will bring your plans to pass, He was NOT lying!
It is time you get serious about His promises and start acting on them. Write down your exact plans and thoughts of peace for your future. Write down the result/the hope you are expecting to come to pass and then add to it: “BY GRACE!”
Gods grace gives you access where you don’t qualify and brings your plans of peace to pass, just like you expected! (Jeremiah 29,11 & 1. Timothy 6,17 & Proverbs 16,3)