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Shelter in Gods Peace

08 Oct 2019

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give unto you...

John 14,27

Peace is a wonderful thing and everyone strives to get peace. Peace means to be blessed in ALL areas of your life and be able to look at your life, without any regret, restlessness or fear.

That peace is impossible to find in this world though, for this world cannot give it to you. God on the other hand gave you exactly that peace, so that now you can live in it and so that your heart doesn't need to be troubled or fearful!

Over the last few years I often experienced how the devil tried to steal my peace. Sometimes he comes with small things, other times with bigger and more impossible looking situations, and all that, just to get my peace!
Now if you don't know that that divine peace belongs to you, or how to use it, then the smallest problems will knock you down and keep you from moving forward.

Gods peace is more than just a few nice words. It is a place that you can enter and find rest in, from everything that is going on around you!
When storms rage and even when they seem to completely destroy you, you can still step into Gods peace and thereby withstand the storm, WITHOUT taking any damage.
He might blow down everyone around you, but the storm won't be able to touch YOU, for you took rest in Gods peace.

Can you see how amazing that peace is, which Jesus left with you? How you can use it to not only withstand the storms but to also enjoy your life right in the midst of bad looking situations?

You were created to overcome, to have victory and be the last one standing after the terrible storm. Learn to use Gods peace and live the life that you were born to live! 

When the storms of this world are trying to shake you and when the devil tries to run you over with everything he’s got, then how sweet it is, to have the refuge of Gods peace! 
Gods peace is a place of refuge that you should enter and be save, so that your heart doesn’t have to be troubled nor be afraid. 
The storms will still come and hit others, but YOU can hide away in Gods peace and thereby withstand the strongest storm, coming out unharmed and coming out as the last one standing. As the man/women that believed God and took shelter in His peace! (John 14,26-27)