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Read the end of the Book

07 Oct 2019

Jesus saith unto him, Go thy way; thy son liveth. 
The man believed the word that Jesus spake unto him, and he went his way.

John 4,50

Did you ever watch a horror movie that scared you a lot, yet all that fear just because you didn't know how the movie ends? 
The unknown scares people and keeps them from moving forward in their lives and finally doing those things that God put on their heart.
We all dealt with questions like: "What if it is not going to work out?", or "What if I now invest everything into it and then fail?",…. But how should you handle those kind of situations? 

Back to the horror movie. It scared you a lot the first time, because you didn't know what was going to happen. But if you now know the end of the movie already, wouldn't that just take all your fear away? Just try and watch that movie again and you will notice how all the fear is all of a sudden gone. Why? Because now you know the END of the movie!

That's exactly how it is with your life. God already told you the ending to your movie in His word, so that now you don't have to fear it any longer, for you KNOW how your movie is going to end!

It's just like the man coming to Jesus and asking Him to heal his son. He didn't know how that story with his son was going to end, but once he came to Jesus, Jesus told him about the good ending and therefore he went his way, in peace.

Where are you still worried, just because you are not sure of the outcome? Where does your lack of knowledge still keep you from moving forward?

You don't need to fear any longer, for God already told you the ending. The end of the story of your financial crisis is prosperity! The end of your story of relationship problems is peace. The end of your sickness is healing,… 

God already told you and prepared those endings for you, so that now you don't have to be afraid of the future any longer, but so that you can now go into the "unknown", which brings you to your good ending!

With God all endings are "Happy Endings". 

God has revealed to you the end of the story. So why do you still fear? 
Your life is not a new story, that God has yet to write an ending for. The ending of your story has already been written. You can look in the word and find out how your story ends. So why would you still be afraid of following Gods guidance in your life? 
The end of your story is good, it’s blessing, it’s peace and joy and lack in no area of your life! Just continue your journey with God and rejoice, for you know how it’s all going to end! (James 1,4 & John 4,46-54)