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The Light of the World

06 Oct 2019

And those loving Him are as the going out of the sun in its might.

Judges 5,31

Jesus is the light of the world, and everyone that comes to Him and receives Him, won't walk in darkness any longer, but have the light of life, that shines as the sun, in all its might! (John 8,12) 

Jesus said those words, right after He demonstrated how that light rises through the darkness, grief and misery of this world, and brings the true life that gives freedom! (John 8,2-11)

Those verse are about a woman that was caught in adultery and right away the Pharisees convicted her and brought her to Jesus, to try Him.
That woman acted in darkness, but most of all the Pharisees came over her right away, as a thick, dark cloud, that tries to block all the light of this world from coming to her.
When that woman was brought before the light of this world (Jesus), her life was dark, full of grief, fear and regret, since she was about to die. Her situation seemed hopeless!

Once she was before the true light though, that shines in all its might, think about what happened.
Jesus didn't let the Pharisees block His light, but instead shone in all His power, and just like the sun rises in the morning, until she shines in all her power, so did the light in the life of this woman begin to shine.
First only one Pharisee left, then another, then the third,… until none of them was left to condemn her, so that she could finally receive the full power of the light of this world and become completely purified! - Hallelujah!

You also have that light in you and I want to encourage you to never let dark times block off your light, no matter how many clouds come or how thick the fog is. Instead just glow even stronger,

for just like the sun breaks through the darkness every morning anew,
so will YOU break through the darkness in your life!

The darkness won't linger in your life any longer, and when the sun rises up over you tomorrow, you will have complete peace!

Receive those words of God into your life and also become the light of this world! 

You, who loves God, should be like the sun, shining in its might! 
Clouds might come your way and the worries of this world might try to block your light, like fog trying to block off the sun, but if you continue shining, your light will ALWAYS break through the clouds and remove all the darkness that is around you! 
Never let the influences of this world allow the light inside you to go off, but instead light up even more. Just like the sun will rise again to shine for you tomorrow, so will you rise up out of your darkness in all of Gods might, and shine light into the gloom of those around you! (Judges 5,31 & John 8,2-12)