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More Faith or Less Unbelief?

30 Sep 2019

I believe; help my unbelief!

Mark 9,24

Many ask God to give them more and more faith, so that they can finally receive their promise or finally reach their goals, without even knowing that it is not a lack of faith that is keeping them from their promise, but much more the unbelief that comes from all the garbage that they allow into their lives! 

If you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, NOTHING is impossible to you. That faith is not hard to obtain and through Gods word you can have faith much greater than a mustard seed.
So the problem here is not a lack of faith, but much more the garbage pile that you have in your life, that brings unbelief and therefore contaminates your faith!

So unbelief is what you should be fighting and your attitude should be: "I believe; help my unbelief!" (Mark 9,24)

If you come before God with that attitude, instead of begging Him for more faith which you can simply get from His word (Romans 10,17), then He will show you what that garbage that contaminates your faith is. 

Think about it this way. If my relationship would be terrible and I asked God in faith to finally make my relationship nice and enjoyable, yet all day long I just look at how great other relationships are, how great mine could have been, how bad my partner is, etc., then my faith wont be able to operate, because all day long I just pile more garbage on it! I don't fertiliser it, but I trash it! 

That garbage are all those comparisons (me comparing my relationship with others), those relationships that look good from the outside, those extremely romantic movies, etc. If you would just remove that trash out of your life though and instead focus in on your relationship and your partner, then your faith could finally work and make your relationship wonderful, so that it will be even better than those you longed for.

Ask God to show you what that garbage in your life is. He will show you and if you are willing to remove it, nothing will be impossible to you.
So many times it is just a small well of unbelief that is still holding you back from your promises. Be willing to close that well off and let your faith get you those desired results.

It doesn’t take great faith to finally accomplish what you set out to do or to finally receive what you are believing for. It only takes faith like a mustard seed, for nothing to be impossible to you. So it is not so much the amount of faith you built up, but much more the amount of garbage you allowed in, that stops you from receiving!
That garbage brings unbelief into your life and contaminates your faith, no matter how much of it you might have stored up.
Your promise is closer to you than you think, and if you are willing to cut out all the garbage and keep your faith contamination free, nothing is impossible to you! (Matthew 17,19-20 & Mark 9,23-24)