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Be willing to Live for Him

11 Sep 2019

...that those who live should no longer live for themselves
but for him who died for them and was raised again.

2 Corinthians 5,15

God already meant a lot to me as a child and it was important to me that He was pleased with me and I wanted to know that I love Him enough and do the right things. But since I didn’t know God personally then, the devil managed to quickly twist my way of thinking. 

So then every time I wanted to prove to myself that I still love God enough and that He is therefore pleased with me, I just asked myself if I would be willing to die for Him.
I would answer this question with “YES” every time and so I thought that if I would even be willing to die for God, everything is okay and God is happy with me. What I didn’t know back then though was that it was never Gods will for me to die for Him!

It was only a few months back when that same question came up in me again, but this time God spoke clearly to me saying: “Why do you want to die for me so badly? It is easy to die. But would you also be willing to LIVE for me?”

That changed my whole way of thinking about this. I am not showing God my love towards Him by dying for Him, but I show my love by living for Him!

He is the one that said that you are a new creation in Jesus and that’s why you shouldn’t live by your old works and your efforts, but through God and His power. 

When you are faced with hard and seemingly impossible situation, then the question should never be: “Am I willing to die for Him?”, but it should always be: “Am I willing to look past my own ability and human strength and receive Gods power and His ability instead?”

If you can answer that question with “YES” and then act according to it, God will be happy because now He can see how you won't drown in your problems and “die for Him” anymore, but how you live in His ability and easily overcome impossible situations!

Gods biggest plan and will for your life is not to let you die for Him. His will is for you to live through and for Him! You shouldn’t test your love and devotion to Him by asking yourself if you would be willing to die for His name. You should test it by asking yourself if you would be willing to LIVE for Him. 
It is not your death that brings God joy, but it is your life in His power, through and for Him. When you are willing to let go of your own works and efforts, to receive His power and ability, then your love and devotion to Him will become perfect!
(2. Corinthians 5,14-17)