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Gods Beauty in Your Body

10 Sep 2019

I will be like the dew to Israel; he will blossom like a lily.
Like a cedar of Lebanon he will send down his roots...

Hosea 14,5

God usually looks at what is on the inside of you. He doesn’t look to the outside too much. He looks at your heart in everything you do. 

The body itself, what you can touch and see, is not much worth compared to the spiritual, BUT God even cares so much about your body that He didn’t leave you without promises for it. 

God wants you to blossom like a lily in all her beauty. He wants you to represents His kingdom, His prosperity, His favour on the inside and the outside, and that’s why He doesn’t just want to give you nice cloths and jewellery, but also wants to change your body. 

Can a sick, used up and worn out body represent God properly? - No!
God Himself is the fountain of life and that’s why He is not some old man with a long white beard, but He is young, beautiful, top fit, radiant and nice to look at. 

Now if you can’t see yourself that way yet, then don’t beat yourself up because you cannot represent Him in that area completely.
Instead of worrying about it, which will wear you out even further, put all into sending down your roots deeper! Send them deeper into God, His word and His kingdom, and once you did that, the true life-juice can flow directly from God through these roots into you and change you into the image of God himself from the inside out!

No matter how old or young you are, there is no point at which you just have to settle for being incapable and not able to represent God well. He gave you His word so that you don’t have to have your roots in this world any longer, but so that you can have strong roots in Him and therefore live, act and also look like Him! 

God doesn’t just want you to have deep roots in Him and His word, but He also wants you to be beautiful, look good and be attractive from the outside!
He wants you to be dressed well, to represent the abundance of His kingdom, but more than that He doesn’t want your body to be and look worn out, through all the sorrow and fear that is coming against you.
Let your roots grow deep into Gods word, into Himself and His kingdom and then pull up all the beauty through those roots, so that Gods beauty becomes visible in your physical body! (Hosea 14,5 & Luke 12,25-32)