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God doesn't work against You

09 Sep 2019

The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away, blessed be his name.

Job 1,21

Back in the days, where I didn’t know God as my friend, like I do today, I was often afraid to let Him into certain areas of my life, because I thought that God is a God that just takes things away from me, however He pleases. 

I didn’t want Him to get involved in my relationship, because I thought that He would forbid me somethings that I enjoyed a lot, or that He would break the relationship, because He didn’t like something about it. Or I also didn’t want God to get involved in my decisions concerning my future and my studies, because I didn’t want Him to lead me somewhere or give me a job that I wouldn’t enjoy.
Those are just two of many examples. 

What I didn’t realise back then though was that God is NOT the one that works hard to take something from me, to bring separation, make me unhappy, etc. And because I didn’t realise that and didn’t let God into my relationships, they broke and brought more hurt than joy. 

But Job, just like myself, also just realised later on what kind of God our God truly is.
The devil took everything from Job that God gave him, because Job allowed the devil into his life. Then he complains for 41 chapters, walks in darkness and says things like: “The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away, blessed be his name.”

It was only in chapter 42 that Job got the revelation and then in verse 5-6 he says: “…but now I have seen you with my own eyes. I take back everything I said, and I sit in dust and ashes to show my repentance.” (NLT)

It was only in chapter 42 that Job finally realised what actually occurred and then he sees that it was just empty talk when he said that God is trying to take things away from you!

If God would take anything away from anybody, then He would immediately take doubt, unbelief, fear, sorrow, etc. away. But since God even waits with those until YOU give them to Him, then He won’t try to take your prosperity, your relationship, your friends, etc. away for sure. He is your FRIEND, not your enemy!

So don’t be afraid, to invite God into ALL areas of your life anymore. He is the one that brings blessing and everything your heart desires.
Once I realised that and made God the center of my partnership, everything started to go differently. Now I have more joy, the relationship is far better, there is no more strife, etc. 

That’s how God acts. Let Him come into your life too!

God is not the one interested in taking things away from you. He is the one that tries to get everything to you that you need, so that you can live in abundance, prosperity, healing, victory and separated from this worlds system. 
The devil comes to steal, kill and destroy, not God, and God doesn’t have to work with the devil in ANY WAY, to teach you something. Don’t be afraid to invite God into your life, because you still think that He will take something from you. Invite Him, because He is the one that brings the blessing! (Job 1,21 & job 42,5-6)