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Dying Young, at an Old Age

08 Sep 2019

ho satisfies your mouth with good things;
so that your youth is renewed like the eagle's.

Psalms 103,5

God doesn’t want you to die used up and tired. He wants you to die young, but at an old age! 

But what is it that wears someone out, makes them tired and spiritually old, if not the past. 

Your past determines your spiritual age and the longer you look back into it, the older your spirit gets.
I am not talking about breakthroughs, victories and good things in your past, but about the defeats, failures, bad decisions, strife and all other negative things. 

All these negative things make your spirit old, as long as you keep them in your past and carry them around with you. That’s exactly why God wants to renew your youth like the eagle’s, so that you stay young and spiritually fit. And a fit and healthy spirit will also make the body fit and healthy too!

When eagles are being renewed, they let go of EVERYTHING old and thereby always get more beautiful, more majestic, stronger and more useful beaks, claws, feathers, etc.
That’s exactly the case with your spirit. When you let go of your past mistakes, failures, hurts and ways of doing things and stop carrying them around with you, then your past will finally be in your past and you will be young, more beautiful, more majestic, stronger and more fit to do the amazing works that God wants to do through you! 

Don’t mix the old with the new. Let go of everything old and renew your spirit again instead.
A younger, stronger, more majestic and more beautiful spirit will also make your body strong, majestic and beautiful, and that’s how you can die YOUNG, at an old age! 

When eagles renew their beaks, feathers, claws and everything else, they become more beautiful, more majestic, stronger and better for doing their work every time.
Applied to our life with God this means a continual renewal from old defeats, failures, mistakes and ways of doing things to a more beautiful, majestic, stronger and better fit YOU!
Be willing to let go of your past, your sickness, your guild and your regret and let God renew your youth like the eagle’s, so that you can die young at an old age! (Psalm 103,2-5 & Isaiah 40,29-31)