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Independent of this World, in Gods Kingdom

05 Sep 2019

...for the Kingdom of God is already among you.

Luke 17,21

Gods kingdom doesn’t come to the earth from one moment to the next and not everyone will all of a sudden start living in the perfect will of God and under all laws of His system automatically. 

Gods kingdom, here in this earth, has already started with Jesus. Jesus brought the kingdom of God to this earth and made it accessible to YOU, so that you don’t have to live under the authority of this world, but in Gods system and in His authority!
By you accepting Jesus, you get access to the kingdom of God and can start living in it here and now, if you are only willing to change to Gods ways of doing things. 

But what does it mean to “live in Gods kingdom” and what does it look like?

To see His kingdom, you only need to look to heaven, because God has full authority in heaven and truly EVERYTHING happens according to His will there. So if you see something in heaven, then you know that it is available to you right here and now, since you already live in His kingdom now and not in the kingdom of this world anymore. (Are there any sick, poor, depressed, sad, unsuccessful people… in heaven?) 

That’s how Jesus gave you authority to cast out demons, speak in other tongues, drink deadly things without taking harm, healing sick, etc.
All these things combined with other principles and ways of doing things of Gods kingdom, described in His word, are tools given to YOU, to live in His kingdom and spread it. No matter whether it’s in your family, your circle of friends, your neighbours or your whole village.
With God and the equipment He gave you, spreading His kingdom will have no limits!

So if someone tries to tell you that you still have to suffer through that krises, that the strife in your family is good and normal, that you just have to put up with your problems and defeats, etc., then don’t accept that and know that you won’t have to live under all that junk in this world any longer, but that you can live in Gods kingdom, here and now, independent of everything happening around you, since you have abundant and overflowing provision from on high!

Gods kingdom is nothing that you still have to wait for, and you don’t have to live in the system of this world any longer either, until Jesus comes and finally gets you out. Jesus came here and started spreading Gods kingdom. He taught the principles and Gods ways of doings things, He acted and lived in authority, just like God, and He ruled over all circumstances and everything evil coming against Him. 
So Jesus brought the kingdom to this world and now you can live separated from this world, in Gods kingdom, through Him. Enjoying His blessings, His joy to just bless you real good and also His way of having success and authority in life, right here and now! (Luke 17,20-21 & Mark 16,15-20)