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Let God Help You

24 Aug 2019

 ...for he has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”
So we can confidently say,
"The Lord is my helper, I will not fear;...

Hebrews 13,5-6

The love of money was never good (verse 5) and it has never helped anyone, but it is important to realise that the love of money and just money are not the same things. 
The love of money is bad and it is the root of all evil, but money itself is neither good nor bad. In reality it is a very good thing and helpful to God in the hands of good (goodly) people. So money itself is not good nor bad, but it is about the person. It is about the heart of the one dealing with the money. 

Furthermore God never says that He will give you just enough for you to survive. He is the one that gave you promises of prosperity, wealth and financial overflow. Just like He didn’t send Jesus into this world without financial support (Jesus even had a steward for His money), He doesn’t want you to walk around poor and unable to bless yourself and those around you.
Therefore you don’t need to be rich, to be in love with money, and not every rich person is automatically in love with money. It is about the heart and it is often the ones that have the least that hang on to every cent and never seem to have enough to give anything into Gods kingdom.

So God wants to make you rich and He even has a prosperity plan ready for you, but He simply doesn’t want you to take all the glory for it and forget Him (that’s where the root of evil lies), because God is and was your helper, who gave you the ability to get wealth, where you weren’t qualified yourself.

So don’t worry, don’t cling to your money and don’t be afraid, because God won’t leave you nor forsake you. Just don’t forget Him. Give Him glory and tell everyone how He is your helper, saved you out of poverty and made you wealthy.
Be free to bless everyone around you and let them know that you are not in love with money, but in love with God. Have your heart with Him, because with Him lies your abundance and your good life!

You should be confident when it comes to your finances, because you don’t need to toil to get wealth any longer. God is your Lord and helper!
You don’t have to live in the love of money and you don’t need to cling to every cent you spend any longer, because God won’t fail at providing you with the BEST and He also won’t leave you. Be free to live above your working income and your own ability, without getting into debt. Be free to bless those that God put on your heart! (Hebrews 13,5-6 & Deuteronomy 8,17-18)