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Fully equipped by Grace

14 Aug 2019

For we do not have a high priest who is unable to empathize
with our weaknesses,...

Hebrews 4,15

God is a God that wants His children to be well. And when He looks at you and sees you with all your flesh weaknesses, He feels sympathy for you and doesn’t enjoy watching you struggle to try and figure everything out in your own ability. 

But now if He created you just the way you are and if it was His will for you to be and act just the way you do now, why would He feel sympathy for you? 

The answer to that question is simple and if you just have a quick look at His original plan, you will understand it right away.
He created man in His image, to live and act like He does. Without weaknesses and fleshy limitations, just like man lived in paradise.
So that means that it was never Gods will for you to leave paradise and having to put up with your fleshy weaknesses, to eat your bread in the sweat of our brow! 

That’s why God is looking at you now, if you are still trying to do things without Him and feels sympathy for you, because He knows how strong and mighty you should have been. 

But thanks be to God, because He didn’t stop there. 

Because God saw you, that you are too weak in this world, He gave you HIS grace, to bring you help before it is too late! (Not when it is already too late!) 

Through His grace He gave you everything to bring you back into your old position and to give you all your power and authority back. When God feels sympathy for you, it ALWAYS means that He supplies you with everything you need to overcome at the same time!

So don’t struggle in grief and stop feeling sorry for yourself, because you can come to the throne of grace and receive EVERYTHING you need RIGHT NOW to get victory and live in power, just like God does! 

To have sympathy for weaker people is good and you should be compassionate, but as long as that compassion doesn’t have any action to it it is in vain! 
God saw you and He saw that you don’t have the power that you should have and so he had sympathy for you, because of your fleshy weaknesses. But that’s not where He stopped. In your weaknesses He provided you with everything you need to overcome and live in His ability, instead of your disability! Come to the throne of grace and receive His power, to master your life. (Hebrews 4,14-16)