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Keep the Devil far from You

13 Aug 2019

Be angry and do not sin; do not let the sun go down on your anger, 
and give no opportunity to the devil.

Ephesians 4,26-27

I am sure that you have many reasons to be mad at others or at yourself, and the devil will always make sure that those people cross your path, BUT no matter how bad and unbearable these people might be, even if it’s the people closest to you, be quick to forgive and don’t sin in your anger!

When you act out of anger and start blaming people and going at them, no matter how “right” you might be, you are giving place to the devil in your life and then he got you exactly where he wants. Now he has room in your life and can destroy it more and more. 

That’s exactly why God told YOU to not sin when you are angry and to walk warmheartedly and in complete forgiveness instead, just like God has forgiven you for all your junk!

Whether it is in your partnership, in your family or among friends, it is NEVER good to take your anger into the next day, by letting the sun go down on it. Find the person that did you wrong, go to them and tell them: “I forgive you!”
It doesn’t matter if the person understands it or not or how they react to it. YOU forgave them and therefore you left the devil no hold in your life. Not in yours and not in that persons life!

Become aware how good, warmhearted and forgiving your God is with you and then act just like Him.
That’s how you will be way above rages and devilish things and enjoy a far more peaceful and restful life. 

There are enough people in this world that annoy you and that make you mad or upset, and mostly it is the people closest to you. But NEVER give place to the devil by letting your anger run free and letting the sun go down on it!
You have messed up too and did things wrong and God had more than enough reasons to reject you. Yet He didn’t do it.
Follow His example, be warmhearted and always forgiving and never allow yourself to go to bed with unforgiveness and anger in your heart! (Ephesians 4,26-32 & 5,1)