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Your Calling

11 Aug 2019

...whom he did predestinate,
...them he also glorified.

Romans 8,30

All things work for the best for those that love God, because they are the ones that chose to be the chosen ones. (Romans 8,28)
To love God doesn’t just mean to say it. It means to act like you do, so that everyone can see that you truly love Him. It means to follow His calling for your life and only then everything that is on your predestined path will be good, and then you will overcome every problem coming your way!

So when you chose to become one of the chosen ones by loving God, then you are also predestined to become like Jesus, as His brother and Gods child. (Romans 8,29) And now that you are chose and predestined, I can assure you that God won’t send you into this world without providing you with everything you need to represent Him properly. 

You are chosen and predestined and that’s why He justified you first of all, so that you can come boldly before His throne of grace. Then He also glorified you, so that you can represent Him properly in this world. (Romans 8,30) 

When He says that He glorified you, then in the greek it means that He made honour, respect and dignity available to you, that He prepared an honourable position for you and that He even supplied you with all of His own characteristics and abilities. 

All these things are yours to have, if you love Him with a pure heart. Realise that and receive it right here and now by faith, so that you finally step into your honorable position!
That’s how you can now say: “Who could stand against me? My God is for me!” (Romans 8,31) 

If you are one of the ones that love God and follow His calling, then you are also the one that He predestined to become like Jesus and the one whom He glorified!
You stepped into the position of the predestined and called by loving God AND following His calling. And as soon as you do that you should rejoice, because NOW your future is bright. 
You were glorified, which means that honour, respect and dignity are prepared for you, that He gave you an honorable position and that He supplied you with all of His ability. That is your calling in this life. Follow it! (Romans 8,28-31)