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Refuse to let go of Love

10 Aug 2019

And a new commandment I give to you,
that you love one another...

John 13,34

It is important to realise that love wasn’t a suggestion (love when you feel like it and when the people are nice). It is a commandment of God to you, that you should keep especially when you have every reason to be mad and fight! 

So it requires a new mindset, because instead of simply walking in love when you feel like it, you should now walk in love independent of your feelings and other influences. 

So the question came up in me, how this brotherly love will help me, because I knew that God wouldn’t give me any commandments that would harm me, and in the same moment God spoke to my heart: 

“Brotherly love is so important because love keeps out strife and therefore doesn’t let the devil into your life, and because the unity that comes through love is the basis for answered prayers in faith!”

Then He lead me to those two places which said exactly that. 

James 3,16 says that wherever there is strife and envy, there is also every evil work and therefore the devil himself.
And Matthew 18,19-20 says that if two us agree on earth (come together in unity) and ask for anything, God will give it to us.

So God didn’t command you to love so that your life gets harder, but He commanded you to love because love is necessary for a life in Gods calling and therefore in all blessings. 

Stop making your love walk dependant on your circumstances and your feelings and make the quality decision right NOW, to never act without love again, for the rest of your life.
God is love and when you act in love, you act in God. And God (love) will always make your life better, with 100% certainty! 

Love is the new and highest commandment. Love fulfilled all the law and made you free from it, to give you back your relationship with God once and for all!
Love is not a suggestion, but a commandment, because God knew how important love is in your life, for you to act in the fullness of your calling. Without love you will never have the unity you need to have an answered prayer and you will also allow envy and strife into your life, which opens the door wide for the devil to steal, kill and destroy. 
Never allow yourself to live a loveless life. Step into the fullness of your calling! (John 13,34 & 1. John 3,11-24)