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You with Him, He with You

07 Aug 2019

The Lord is with you while you are with him.

2 Chronicles 15,2

If God was good even back then under the law (old testament) and blessed those that sought Him, spent time with Him and followed Him, then why is it still such a big question whether God is really good, or if He sometimes also does bad things to teach us something? 

You are under a new covenant, the covenant of grace, and if even back then the people that followed God were blessed, then how much more should you be blessed nowadays, that you are under a far better covenant? 

People often wonder if God was there in that terrible accident, if He brought the storm, if He ruined your business,… but all this is very easy to answer. God is only there when YOU are with Him, and when God is there, then EVERYTHING that happens is good, helping people and bringing peace, success, grace,… because God is simply GOOD. 

If something is 100% good, then nothing bad or negative can come from it! Every kid knows this, but somehow we were all taught that it must be a lot more complicated than just good and evil. Which it is not. 

So if you are tired of failure and seeing bad things in your life, then step over on Gods side, because everything that comes against God won’t prevail!
Be with God and He WILL BE with you. Seek Him and you will find Him. No matter if it is His wisdom, His power, His success, His love, His prosperity, or any other good thing that you seek, you WILL FIND IT, when you got Him. 

Don’t keep Him out of your business any longer and make Him the center in EVERYTHING you do. That’s how He will be with you and how you will experience His great power! 

To be with God and to see Him manifest in your life is not dependant on Him, but it totally depends on you!
God is with you when you are with Him and you will find Him (His wisdom, His power,…) when you seek Him. Now if you go your own ways though and don’t look to Him first, then He won’t be able to be part of the things you do. 
Not everything that happens on this earth and in your life is Gods will and plan. You will only see His plan/will when you stay with Him and follow Him, and then you will also see that ONLY GOOD happens!
(Psalm 136,1 & 2. Chronicles 15,2-12)