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An excellent Spirit

18 Jul 2019

...this Daniel was distinguished above the presidents
and the satraps because an excellent spirit was in him...

Daniel 6,3

Daniel is one of the many examples in the old testament that shows you that you can overcome EVERYTHING and at the end glorify God and yourself along with Him, all through the excellent Spirit on the inside of you!

You, as child of God, have His Spirit within you and that Spirit truly is excellent.
Daniel 6 shows you how the same Spirit caused Daniel to have supernatural success and to surpass everyone around him, in everything he did. 

The reason for Daniels great success was his ability to distinguish between the Spirit within him and the voice of the world.
In every decision he made, he asked the Spirit and didn't follow his understanding nor ask everyone around him for their opinion.
He asked the Spirit and then acted on what the Spirit told him. That was his success formula and the same thing is your success formula too, because you host the same excellent Spirit. 

If you live in the supernatural through the Spirit, the bible clearly tells us that persecution won't be very far. 
The persecution won't come from God, because you finally did His word and followed Him, but the persecution comes from the devil, because he is scared of you and your power in God!

So that persecution came to Daniel too, because he had such great success in God, and so he got thrown into the lions den, which had a 100% death rate for sure. 
Many Christians nowadays already made it to this point, to the lions den, but it looks like they never finished reading the story, because that`s where they stop, say it is all Gods will for their lives and probably die in that den. 


Daniel is in the bible, because he didn't stop in the lions den but instead continued following the leading of the Spirit and had great faith that God will save him!
That faith and obedience is what you need, because when you get thrown into the lions den (sickness, lack, poverty, etc.) it is time for you to stand on Gods word even stronger and trust Him, because He WILL save you out of the den. 

Just like Daniel was saved and therefore glorified God, glorified himself and came out with greater respect and wealth than he went in with, it is also Gods will for YOU to come out of the lions den with greater respect and greater wealth! It was never Gods will for you to get stuck in the den and die there.

So don't let your story end in the lions den. Kick the devil in the butt, follow Gods leading and come out of the den with joy and thanksgiving!

You have an excellent Spirit housing within you! Your obedience to that Spirit will amplify His voice to the point where His voice becomes louder and clearer than the noise and distractions of everything around you. 
That excellent Spirit will teach you to excel and have supernatural success in everything you do. Your supernatural success through God will bring persecution in this world, but if your willing to stay obedient to the Spirit, you will overcome it and come out with even greater respect and prosperity! (Daniel 6)