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Efficient Endurance

12 Jul 2019

Therefore do not throw away your confidence, which has a great reward.
For you have need of endurance, so that… you may receive what is promised.

Hebrews 10,35-36

We often find ourselves in situations, in which we have to endure/hold our ground, and those usually show up after we have made the decision to trust in Gods word and follow His ways.
As soon as the devil sees that you took a step closer to God, he tries to bring you down and stop you, but no matter how bad this might be, the promise which comes afterwards is ALWAYS a thousand times better!

That’s why God tells you to actively endure and to withstand the devil.
Now to do this efficiently though, you must not throw away your confidence, because only that confidence/hope has the power to make your endurance efficient and to thereby bring forth the promise.

Confidence is knowing that the promise is yours and that you will live in it FOR SURE, as soon as you kicked the devils butt right here and now.
This confidence brings great joy, even while you’re holding your ground, and it is that joy which will make your endurance so efficient that you won’t have to endure for long!

So where in your life are you still enduring and holding your ground, yet you have lost your confidence and can’t even imagine anymore to ever come out of your situation?
Financially? In your relationship? Health-wise? Physically? …

Come back into Gods word and stop enduring inefficiently! Become conscious of your promise, picture your victory and the beautiful life you will have already, and then take that joy, withstand the devil and kick his butt. Then your confidence/hope will be reality! 

Endurance/holding your ground is vitally important for living in Gods promises, since the devil will try and take them from you. Yet endurance without the confidence that victory is yours is pointless.
To endure the way the bible asks you to, you need to have confidence and know that you’re coming out, because that confidence is what will bring you joy, which you need to hold your ground the biblical way!
If you have been enduring but lost your confidence and hope in victory on the way, get back in Gods promises, build up your confidence and fight back with joy! (Hebrews 10,32-39)