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What motivates You?

11 Jul 2019

Be still, and know that I am God…

Psalms 46,11

When you are facing decisions, always remember this verse and then be still and let go of everything that’s going on in your head for a moment, realize who your God is and thereby find the right motivation for your following actions!

It is so important for you to have the right motivation for your actions, because your motivation will determine the path you choose and thereby the final outcome. 

Many think nowadays that fear is a good motivation that gets things done quickly. Now it is true that fear causes you to just take off, yet in this world that YOU are in, you cannot afford to simply take off running.
In the wilderness you can see what happens when you are moved by fear. Lions and other predators use this, because by simply making the herd scared, they cause all of them to take off running in different directions. RASHLY (not thought through). Thereby they run the wrong directions and become easy prey for the enemy. 

That’s how it’s also with you. As long as your motivation is fear, you will take off quickly. Yet your choices will be rash and thereby cause you to run away from the things of God and become easy prey!

So before you make the decision to pray, to go somewhere or do something, BECAUSE you just got scared, be still and REALIZE who your God is and who YOU are in Him!
If you then understood that you have NO reason to be worried or scared, you can make a decision, because then your motivation will be God and the path will therefore keep you safe in His blessing!

In every situation you are facing and in any decision you make, you need to clarify your motivation. “Am I motivated to do this because I’m scared of something, or am I motivated to do this because I know that in God I can?”
Fear gets you running in a direction quickly, yet you don’t often know the direction well enough and so it causes you to be separated from the things of God and become easy prey for your enemy. Before you act, make sure that fear is not your motivation!
Realize who God is and who YOU are in Him. Then you´ll act fear-free and wise! (Psalm 46,10 & Proverbs 4,18-27)