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Help Bevor it's Too Late!

10 Jul 2019

Do not say to your neighbor,
“Go, and come again, tomorrow I will give it”
- when you have it with you.

Proverbs 3,28

The things of God, His plans and His qualities, are easy to understand and YOU can understand them, if you only dare to let go of your traditional thinking and start believing what the Bible says!

When your neighbor comes to you, to ask you for something that you have on you, and you were told to walk in perfect love, wouldn’t you give it to them IMMEDIATELY?
If your kid that you love would come to you and ask you for something, to help him out in a difficult situation, to save him from sickness, strife, poverty, or any other bad thing, wouldn’t you help him IMMEDIATELY?
Even if your pet would come to you in need of something, wouldn’t you drop everything you’re doing just to help it? 

Now if even people know to act like that, why do we think that God, who is love, would act differently and tell us: “Come back tomorrow, today is not the right time. The stars are not in place, I have to clean the milky way and there is enough other things going on in the earth right now.”

When you say it like that, it sounds silly, yet many Christians think that this is how God is!

No! God says: “TODAY is the favorable time… TODAY is the day of YOUR salvation!”
He has what you need and love himself never sends you back home empty handed, when you come to Him willing to receive.

Get to know this God of love and then come to Him with confidence. That’s how His favor won’t be in vain and bring those things to pass for which it was sent forth. - Which is your completion. 

When your neighbor comes to ask you for something that you already have, then love would give it right away and not let them wait until the next day.
Now if God is love though, why have people thought that He is holding your breakthrough, peace, prosperity, etc. back until some day in the future?
No! He won’t leave you fidgeting in the dirt until the time seems right. The time is right now! Now is the time of His favor and Now He`ll save you. Believe that! (Proverbs 3,28 & 2. Corinthians 6,1-3)