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A Life of Truth

09 Jul 2019

Nothing is covered up that will not be revealed,
or hidden that will not be known.

Luke 12,2

I got to learn at a young age already, that lying never gets you anywhere, brings strife and pain and especially NEVER stays hidden. I often tried to cover my mistakes and other things that I knew to not do from my parents by lying, but sooner or later my mum always found out.

This wasn’t a nice or comfortable thing at the time, but it taught me a biblical principle that is not very wide spread nowadays. 

Lies have become something normal, accepted and expected in todays society, yet they are tools of the devil. To use someone else's trust to deceive them is the nature of the devil and no matter if white lie or not, it separates you from God in you!

Gods Spirit in you is the Spirit of truth and that’s why you notice it right away in your heart, once you got off the truth. It bothers some more and others less, depending on how conscious they are of the Spirit within, but it bothers everyone.
The Spirit of God in you only wants the best for you and He is there to get you to that place. So when you think that you can get to a better place by lying, forget it!

Don’t try to cover up your flaws and mistakes by lying, which is often the easier way out. Admit your flaws to yourself and then change, until there is nothing left in your life that you have to lie about, for now you are living in the fullness of truth and therefore in the fulness of God in the best life!

Always tell the truth and do whatever it takes to remain in it, even if that means for you to go back and tell that person that you lied to them.
There is no point in hiding it, because God knows it, your heart knows it and it will be revealed sooner or later! 

Lying has become a normal, accepted and expected thing nowadays, yet using someones trust to deceive them is the very nature of the devil!
Whether white lies or not, it’s deception and you should always stay away from it, WHATEVER it takes and WHATEVER the outcome might be.
Whatever you’re hiding, God knows, your heart knows and it will be revealed. So instead of using lies to cover up your flaws, admit it, quit it and live in the truth! (Luke 12,2-3)