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The Seesaw of Grace

08 Jul 2019

For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ,
that though he was rich, yet for your sake he became poor,
so that you by his poverty might become rich.

2 Corinthians 8,9

Many know this verse, yet only few really understood the principle of grace and how it functions in life.
That’s why God gave me a simple example, which helped me a lot and will also help you, if you apply it in your life. 

Grace functions like a seesaw.
You are on one side, at the bottom, in your sickness, poverty, suffering and all the other junk of this world, and on the other side sits Jesus, lifted up high with God, in health, peace and in heaven. 

This is easy to understand, but that is not where Jesus left YOU.
Just like it says in this verse, He was rich, yet He became poor for YOUR sake, so that YOU might become rich, by His poverty.
That means that Jesus was so weighty that He turned the seesaw around, even though you were so heavy laden, and lowered himself into the dirt that you were in before.
Now in Him lowering himself though, you were lifted up out of the dirt into the position on Gods side, where Jesus was before! 

So if you have anything in your life that doesn’t belong to life in heaven, then you don’t have to suffer it any longer, because Jesus turned the seesaw around so that you can live in heaven on earth right HERE and NOW.

Now one part of the seesaw is still missing though, which is also the reason for why we were not exalted automatically. It is the connecting part between both seats, which is faith.
When you choose to believe that Jesus came into your situation, so that you can come into the position that He was in before, then the connecting rod will be strong and it will exalt you. - Therefore believe! 

Gods grace towards you works similar to a seesaw. You were on one side, at the bottom, broke, hurt, in sin, etc. and Jesus was on the other side, lifted up high, with God. Now when Jesus came though, He became poor, took sickness, death and any other curse for YOU, which means that He lowered Himself down. And by Him coming down, you were lifted up high to the place where He was before!
That’s how grace works. But to see it in your life you need to believe it, for faith is the strong connection between both seats on the seesaw.
(2. Corinthians 8,9 & 1. Peter 2,21-25)