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Perpetual Strength

01 Jul 2019

But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength;
they shall mount up with wings as eagles;
they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

Isaiah 40,31

Over the past few days, God showed me a weapon that the devil uses, that I wasn’t really aware of up until now. It is tiredness! 

No matter how big our goals, our plans or our intentions are, once we get tired of them and once they wear us out, we give place to the devil to bring unbelief and indignation, and thereby destroy certain areas of our life. 

When the devil can get you to the point where you are tired of work, tired of your relationship, tired of God or faith, or even tired of life, then that tiredness will make the area unimportant to you, which opens the door for the destroyer!
No matter how big the dream of work, the dream of your relationship or the dream of your life was... once the enemy can get you tired enough of it, he will have access and bring turmoil. 

THEREFORE, defeat the enemy with Gods Word, which has authority ALWAYS and EVERYWHERE!

Understand that God gives power to the faint and increases strength to the weary. That even when the youth becomes weary and falls, YOU will still be on top and willing. That you can renew your strength in God and that even at your lowest point, you can flap your wings and rise higher than ever before! (Isaiah 40,29-31) 

Take that promise and use it in all areas, especially in those that you are tired of already. You can reach your goal and live the good life. Just don’t let the devil get you down and wear you out. You have the promise!

The devil never wants you to reach your goals and live in the plans you have for your life, and that’s why he does everything in his power to stop you. One of the weapons he uses a lot is making people tired and wearing them out, because once you’re tired of working, tired of marriage, God, faith, or even your life, he can come in and bring you off track.
Therefore DON’T become tired and worn out! God gives power to the faint and increases strength to the weary. Even where young men become weary, you will be strong and run and not faint. Stand on Gods promise and you won’t be worn out any longer! (Isaiah 40,29-31)