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Don't sit on your Treasure

28 Jun 2019

I mean that the heir, as long as he is a child,
is no different from a slave,
though he is the owner of everything…

Galatians 4,1

Just imagine that somewhere close to you lives a family that needs to work real hard, gets treated wrong, hardly earns any money at all and just barely gets by.
Now you know though, that under their house is a sack of gold hidden, with more than enough to buy them a nice house and for them to enjoy the rest of their lives. 

So since you want to help them, you go out there every day to tell them to quickly tear down their house, because there is a great treasure hidden under it. But every time they just ignore you, tell you that you’re crazy and are too busy with their slave-work, to receive the blessing that belongs to them!

That is sad, yet many believers nowadays live just like that.
Too many are busy every second of their lives, with running from one place to another and doing this and that, so that they have no time to grow in their spirit and therefore remain infants. That’s how they labor in their slave-life every day, even though EVERYTHING belongs to them!

Yes, there was a time, a set date, until which you weren’t able to live as ruler, but with the victory of Jesus, that time has passed and NOW is the time in which you should be a grown up Christian, coming to the knowledge of your treasure, so that you can become ruler of your circumstances!

Only Gods Word holds the truth that you require to be set free from your slavery and any other kind of bondage.
Get the knowledge of God, develop your intellect, let the Word discipline you and learn how to speak properly. All those things are required for your growth and Gods Word will do all these things, if you open yourself up to it. 

You are the heir and you are sitting on your treasure!
Get rid of all your old slave-existence with everything belonging to it (tear down your house) and finally enjoy your heritage. 

There might have been a time in your life, where you had no power and where your circumstances enslaved you, but now through Jesus, that time is over!
An unawareness of the truth is what enslaves you, even though you have the potential to rule over your situation. On the other hand, knowing the truth is what makes you free and gives you authority over everything that Jesus conquered for you already.
You cannot afford to remain an ignorant child concerning the things of God. Grow up into the ruler position that God has prepared for you!
(Galatians 4,1-7 & John 8,31-32)