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Living on Purpose

18 Jun 2019

The plans of the diligent lead surely to abundance/profit,
but everyone who is hasty comes only to poverty/loss.

Proverbs 21,5

God doesn’t only recommend us to be diligent, lead a thought through and goal oriented life, but He also recommends us to plan it out.
With planning He doesn't just mean to have a big goal set sometime in your future, but to have a plan ready for every single day, before you begin your day, so that every step you take gets you closer to your goal. 

It is so important to plan every single day out and to live each day goal oriented and thought through, because without plans we just let ourselves go and waste time without even noticing.
It might be nice to take a day off once in a while, but it is not those days that bring you to the abundance, to your profit and to your goal, but it is the days that you live planned out, goal orientated and thought through. It is the days that you live your life on purpose! 

Make the decision right here and now to live your life on purpose and to not just let it go. 

Sit down, either the evening before your next day or just in the morning, plan your day out and set yourself goals that you want and can reach that very day already.
No matter how big or small and no matter if it is just doing the laundry or running a marathon. Plan it all in.
So once you have that plan, bring it before God, just like Proverbs 16,3 tells us to.
After that, everything you have left to do is starting your day, staying goal oriented and knowing that everything will work out according to your plan, simply because you committed it to God! 

At the end I want to give you a tipp that will elevate your daily success to the highest level: Always plan your time with God FIRST and THEN plan the rest of your day around Him. (Proverbs 19,21) 

It is easy to just waste time and it almost comes naturally, yet You and I are supposed to live on purpose!
You should have planned and laid out the plans of every single day before God, before you start the day, and then live the day focused and thought through.
Living on purpose will require more discipline, yet that is the life that brings abundance and causes you to reach your goals! (Proverbs 21,5 & Proverbs 16,3)