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Your Privilege

12 Jun 2019

Fear not, Abram: I am thy shield, and thy exceeding great reward.

Genesis 15,1

Nowadays not many people talk about the tithe, they don't want to hear about it and only very few actually understand what it really is. But that is exactly where the devil wants to have us, because he knows how powerful the tithe is!

It is not a certain amount of money that you have to give, without getting anything for it. It is the foundation you need to live the truly good life, in the prosperity that God wants you to enjoy. 

The story of Abram clearly shows that importance of the tithe. (Genesis 14-15) 

Right after Abram saved his nephew from the enemy through Gods help and returned all wealth, Melchizedek came, the king of Salem and priest of God, the most high, and blessed Abram. (And Jesus became our high priest after the order of Melchisedek.) 

After that, Abram gave 10% of ALL his belongings (the tithe), which was a lot, to that priest, and right after that, God comes and blesses Abram with a son, which was more than just a part of his wealth and glory. It was the foundation that Abram needed to allow his family and his wealth to continue living! 

So the tithe that Abram gave to God opened the door for the blessing and gave him what he was missing to complete him. But even more than that, it gave him the foundation, for him to build everything he had upon. (Without the son the family would have died and the wealth would have gone to his servant.) 

So if you have been seeing the tithe as loss, something sad or as discomforting, renew your mind and understand that it is your right which promises you much more than the 10% that you give could ever buy you. 

Malachi 3,10-12 even says that the tithe opens the floodgates of heaven for you and keeps the devourer from eating all your harvest. 
So it will not only give you a foundation, but also abundance of fruit (including money) and it will keep the devourer away from you (You will keep your money, to do what you please and continue giving)! 

Make use of your right to tithe and bring to God what belongs to Him today. You will not regret it! 

Being able to bring God the tithe is nothing bad or sad, but it is one of the greatest honors and privileges you have as a believer! 
The tithe is the foundation you need, so God can bestow His blessing upon you and give you everything you need, so that you and your family can continue to live and even do so in His abundance! It will keep the windows of heaven wide open and keep the devourer from your harvest. 
Take advantage of the privilege you were given, for the life that comes with His blessing cannot be compared with the few coins you give now!
(Genesis 14,18-24 & 15,1-6 & Malachi 3,10-12)