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Practice Patience - Never Let Go

11 Jun 2019

And let patience have its perfect work,
that ye may be perfect and entire, lacking in nothing.

James 1,4

The people that receive everything from God, until they are perfect and entire, are those that are willing to stand on Gods word forever if necessary. 

Hebrews 10,36 says that you have need of patience (you need to withstand) after you have done the will of God, so that you can receive the promise! 

The will of God does not refer to the old-testament laws, but it refers to you doing whatever it is that God wrote on your heart. (It might be that he told you to confess something over yourself or others, to go to people and tell them about Him or to tip the waiter more than you usually would, … There is no limit to this, but you have to have heard from God and THEN you need to do it.) 

So if you did what God put on your heart, e.g.: Confess healing over yourself, then it is time for you to practice patient, which means to RESIST and WITHSTAND the devil, until he flees! 

To be patient and to resist/withstand is the same word in the new testament, since practicing patience is ACTIVE, not passive. 
It is all about resisting and withstanding all those circumstances and influences that are not from God, because especially after you spoke Gods word over your life, they will try to steal it out of you! 

For example would the devil, right after you confessed healing over yourself, try to come and tell you: “Yeah healing is all nice, but look, you still have symptoms, you are still sick, your sickness in incurable, Gods word doesn't really work anyways and look around you, do you really think you are something special that God would heal you?”

I use this example because the devil will try his tricks with 100% certainty! But James warned you exactly of that, so that now you know it and can ACTIVELY resist the devil and not let go of Gods promises!

Resisting/withstanding means to take a firm stand on Gods word and confess over your life, that you have been healed already, NO MATTER what your circumstances say!
That kind of patience has a great reward. It will make you perfect and entire, so that you will lack in NOTHING!

You will be healed, you will be rich, you will be glad, you will be successful,… Just stick with it and never let go. The victory is right around the corner! 

You have need of patience (you need to resist/withstand)! 
It is Gods will to bless you right here and right now, but it is your resisting/withstanding that will manifest your faith and that will overcome that small time gap until Gods promises show up! Be one of the few that receive because they are willing to stand on Gods word forever if need be, and you will see, that you don't have to stand for very long! (James 1,2-4 & 2. Corinthians 6,2)