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Stay in the Spirit

10 Jun 2019

It is the spirit that giveth life; the flesh profiteth nothing:
the words that I have spoken unto you are spirit, and are life…

John 6,63

Already back in the days, many people were offended by the word of God, and until today not much has changed in that area. But be sure to check yourself, so that you are not one of those people, for being offended by the word of God profits you NOTHING! 

This verse was Jesus reply to the people that were offended by His (Gods) words, and therefore He said that the flesh (your feelings - also taking offense) profits nothing, for only the Spirit that can give true life counts! 
Furthermore, He said that His (Gods) words are Spirit and also life. 

So if you become offended by Gods word, then you are focusing on the flesh and at the same time you cut yourself off from the power of the word of God, so that it CANNOT profit you ANY LONGER!

There is many verses that you might not have understood yet, that might seem to not agree or that just make you mad, but whatever it is, don't put your understanding above Gods wisdom and just trust Him, that His word is truth. 

If you do that, by not following your feelings and just staying in the Spirit, then you won't cut yourself off of the fountain of life, and at the same time God can show you how the verses that used to offend you are meant and how those seemingly terrible verses are really just GOOD. 

It is the Spirit that gives life, and just how He can give you life (Gods kind of life), He will also give life to all your works, if you let go of the fleshy and start living by the Spirit. 

Gods word is Spirit and therefore His word is the fountain that will bring fruit and abundance into your dried up life! 

Being offended by the word of the living God profits you nothing, for even if you don’t understand it, it is Spirit and life, able to bless you beyond what you can ask or think! Offence, just like your other feelings, has its origin in the flesh, but the flesh brings no benefit in that area. What you should be focusing on is the Spirit, who gives true life. Gods words are that Spirit and they are Life. Focus on them and let them guide you, for your flesh drives you away from God, but the Spirit brings you the good life, from now to all eternity! (John 6, 53-63)