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Call it into Your Life

09 Jun 2019

…and (who) calleth the things that are not, as though they were…

Romans 4,17

This verse talks about a one of the most important principles when it comes to faith, and at the same time it gives you insight into Gods mode of operation in everything He does!

Everything that is not of faith is sin and therefore I can assure you that everything God does is 100% in faith, and therefore also functions by the principle of the above verse. (Romans 14,23)

Faith is the evidence of things not seen and therefore also the substance of whatever you hope for. (The evidence that you will receive whatever you hoped for. Whatever you cannot see in front of your eyes yet, but what you are BELIEVING for.)

Faith always functions by bringing those things which you hoped for out of the invisible (spiritual) into the visible (flesh), which can only happen if the word is released in faith. 

God believed, but nothing happened until He released His word, which called the (still) invisible as though it was already and therefore brought it out of the spiritual into the flesh. That is how the world was created! (Hebrews 11,1-3)

So if you still don't live in all of Gods promises, then it is time to start acting like your father and call those (still) invisible promises as though you had already received them, and bring them from the spirit into the flesh. 

That is how you receive whatever you're lacking and how you satisfy every desire of your heart! 

If you live by that principle, you won't have to hide from reality by going to the word of God. With that principle you can build a new reality instead, built on the received promises of God! 

God is a God that gives life to the dead and calls those things that are not as though they were!
You shouldn’t go to the word to “hide from reality”, but you should go to the word to find out what the reality that you can have in God is, and call it into your life as if it was already there! You shouldn’t try to hide from your problems, but call those things that are not as though they were and call a new (heavenly) reality into your life. 
It works for God and it will work for you! (Romans 4,17 & Hebrews 11,1-3)